Scotty McCreery – Suntan (Live @ CRS 2013) | RedCowHills

Scotty McCreery – Suntan (Live @ CRS 2013)


  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    OMG..He is so incredible…just love SCOTTY … this song…love everything he does..!!!!!

  • mxetre

    Love it!!! Sounds great!! Thanks 4 sharing

  • shibuya777

    Scotty can sing anything…..Love Suntan! :)

  • Gail Drayton

    Scotty has a couple of hits on his hands….this is a great tune and it will be out just in time! Love this one..can’t pick a favorite!

  • Doug

    great video. thanks for sharing!

  • mmmtx

    I love this song; it’s young and fun. And it looks like Scotty really gets into performing it too. “Suntan” is a hit in my book!

  • ⋆Marie Theresse⋆ッ


  • eleanor_V1

    Love Scotty & this fun summer song thanks for posting

  • Mary Hayden

    Love this – it is just so much fun – he gets better and better

  • Missy173001

    Scotty knocks it out of the park yet again!!!! No doubt about it he can sing anything. Great summer song.

  • Chrissie H

    Great song with great summer vibe and a great performance. His three new songs surely are hit material

  • Earlene Peshnak

    Love this song also,it’s going to be a summer hit ,he has 3 hits so far on that album,love them all

  • kyfan4scotty

    Thanks for this awesome video of Scotty McCreery with another new song Suntan Love it too.Great summer song. All three songs he’s performing are great. Can’t wait for the new album to be finished. These songs have shown how much Scotty has grown as an artist.Beautiful voice and hearing him live just blows your mind. Such a bright talented young man!! Hope to hear all these new songs all over radio Hits for sure!!