Scotty McCreery “Concert Experience” @ FL Strawberry Festival | RedCowHills

Join us on this one of a kind experience with one of country music’s most talented rising stars. We had to privilege of getting a up close and personal look at the Scotty McCreery concert held in Plant City at the 2013 Strawberry Festival. Here are a few clips from the night!! enjoy

  • Kay Parrish

    love the video thanks for sharing it with us McCreerians

  • ⋆Marie Theresse⋆ッ

    Thank You so Much for sharing.I really enjoyed it.You are absolutely right Scotty McCreery is very talented singer and performer. #Philippines

  • Gail Drayton

    Thank you so much. We’ve been looking and waiting for Man of Constant Sorrow. Keep Rocking for us McCreerians!

  • Roseann Schrichte

    That video of Brad was so funny!!!! This looks like an awesome show for Scotty!!!!

  • eleanor_V1

    thanks so much for sharing love the video & of course Scotty

  • Belen De Ramos

    What can us McCreerians say, but – THANK YOU SO MUCH, RedCowHills, for this. Wow! You really did deliver what you had promised. Very much appreciated, really. …gonna have to click the repeat button again… 😀

  • Roseann Schrichte

    I am REALLY enjoying this entire video!!!! THANK YOU for posting!!!

  • Chrissie H

    RedCowHills – Much love to you for making this excellent video