Scotty McCreery Fan Contest Video Submission: Garrett Coance | RedCowHills
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does Garrett deserve to win the 2 tickets to see scotty mccreery live may 24th in orlando?

  • Roseann Schrichte

    YES! Garrett deserves to win tickets!!!! He ‘s got Scottys’ mannerisms down! AWESOME video entry!!!!

    • Jane Cash

      Yes Garrett deserves to win!!

  • chrissy shea

    Yes you are great

  • Megan Smith

    YES he is great

  • Melissa

    Garrett deserves to win!!

  • mm99


  • Emily Nicole Mason

    Garrett deserves to win! Good job Garrett! You deserve a lot! Love you best friend!!! :’D

  • sco_bigloretta

    Bus approved!

  • Savannah Perry

    YESSS! (: good job bud!

  • Eleanor Raynovich

    My Vote Is for Garrett Awesome

  • Carley

    Doesn’t it have to be creative

    • Julie

      Not very sportsmanlike.. Yours was good to me but after this, no.

      • Carley Mcculloch

        But wait that wasn’t me… I like his video also!!

  • Brookisshh.(;


  • charles

    I vote for Scotty.. wait…Garrett

  • Betty

    I think this boy deserves to win! He’s a guy and not many guys do stuff like this! And plus that other girl got to video chat with him, meet all his band members, and him who knows how many times. I vote for Garrett. He’s cute, and he really deserves this. I know him and he worships Scotty! He’s definitely Scotty’s # 1 guy fan. And there’s not any of those I can think of.

    • carley

      why do you have to be so hypocritical? you say i shouldnt win bc im a girl, and because i met and him and stuff… doesnt mean anything, its fair if we both get a chance to win

      • Savannah Perry

        Carley i suggest you be a little nicer…….okay? SPORTS-MAN-SHIPPPPPP!

        • carley

          betty is the one being rude here though..saying i shouldnt win bc im a girl.. its about creativity not gender

  • Garrett

    Thanks guys for all the support with this! I really want to meet him and sing with him. It’s a dream of mine and I just want to thank everybody for commenting/voting!

  • Carol Martinez Willard


  • Mom

    So proud of you Garrett! I love you! Good luck and keep up the good work! You know you have my vote!!!

  • GED

    Garrett Coance gets my vote…

  • Diana

    Go Garrett! I hope you win

  • Savannah

    I think he needs to win! I like it.

  • Helen

    Go buddy! You got this! My vote is for him! He’s a very nice young man from my church that my husband preaches at. Go Garrett (:

  • Matt

    C’mon brother! My vote is for you!

  • Lisa

    They about look the same too. Holy twins! Vote for Lil’ McCreery!

  • Lucy

    My vote is for Garrett!

  • Elizabeth

    Garrett should win!! I like his video and the part with the pictures is pretty funny.

  • Morgan

    Vote for Garrett!

  • Santana

    He should win! My vote definitely is for him!

  • Wanda

    Garrett has this in the bag!

  • Brianna

    Go Garrett !! Vote vote vote ! My vote is for him. Very creative video.

  • Pastor Kevin

    My vote is for you buddy. I know you want to meet him alot! Praying you’ll win.

  • Christopher

    Lets go Garrett! This boy needs to meet Scotty!

  • Abby

    He sure is a handsome boy! My vote is for him!

  • Heather

    I feeling I’m at a concert. Much better than the other one that repeats itself over and over.. This boy gets my vote! But the other girls was good too.

  • Hannah

    He should get to meet Scotty ! Love this video!

  • Rachel

    Win win win!!

  • Jennifer

    I hope Garrett gets to meet Scotty! I’m so in love with this video!

  • Kim

    Let the boy win already!!

  • Savannah Perry

    vote vote vote for this guy ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • Ben

    My vote goes to Garrett!

  • Jason

    Garrett does look like Scotty a little. Should he win for just that? No. And the picture thing and him driving was funny for me. He gets my vote.

  • Emma

    This was creative enough! My vote is for Garrett! All the pictures at the end of Carley’s made me think.. It’s a video. Not a slideshow.. at least this one filmed the whole time!

  • Mike

    I thought this video was very creative! Good luck! My vote is for you Garrett!

  • Kaylon

    Love it! Voting for you Garrett!

  • ScottyMacLover

    I know Garrett from Twitter, and he deserves this. He might not be from New York, but I don’t think he gets chances like this alot. Trust me! He’d go see Scotty every day if he could! And he’s a good singer too, and he wants to sing with him! Make it happen Red Cow Hills!

  • Lexi

    Voting for him!

  • Gabi

    Good luck Garrett! You should win!

  • Marygrace


  • Joe

    This one better win! He gets creative points! Creativity counts!

  • Shawna

    Please please please let this boy win! By the looks of this, he wants to meet him. Let the boy meet his ‘Idol’ !

  • Keith

    I like it. Let Garrett win, he gets my vote!

  • Kaitlyn

    This is supposed to be a creativity contest! Garrett gets it for most creative in my opinion! :)

  • Jackie

    I liked the other girls but I like this one more! So creative and funny! :)

  • Jill

    Love it! I hope this boy wins!

  • Steven

    Please let this guy win! The other girl’s video has nothing compared to this guys video!

  • Juliene

    Garrett deserves to win. The other contestants video isn’t creative at all. Go Garrett!

  • Brandon

    I hope Garrett wins!! (:

  • Jordan

    This video gets my vote. I don’t like the other one too much.

  • Keirstin

    Garrett needs to win! He’s trying bad to meet him!

  • De

    Garrett deserves to win and gets my vote! He really puts his heart and soul into it and is a true McCreerian!

  • L E

    This is your winner!

  • Sue

    Just because you are from Florida, not New York doesn’t mean you shouldn’t win. You have my vote in creativity and I’m a fan. I’ve seen you on YouTube singing. People who think that you’re insulting Scotty, well they don’t get that your voice is just naturally deep like that. I get it. Vote for Garrett for creativity and just an all around funny video!

  • Sierra

    If the other girl’s video wins I will get so mad! I’m getting my friends’ friends to comment on this to help you win! You’ve got alot of supporters if you don’t know it or not!

  • Bri

    Just cause you’re a guy doesn’t mean you’re not as much as fan as her! You show dedication to make this video, and you’re a part of the “McCreerians”. You’re video is sooo creative too! You SHOULD win this!

  • Kaylyn

    Please please please pick Garrett to be the winner! He deserves this for creativity. Creativity counts in this contest and the other girl just doesn’t have it.. I watched til the end of the other one and she has pictures. It’s a Video. Not a SLIDESHOW! Garrett needs to win in my opinion.

  • George

    You have 70 comments. It’s obviously time for you to win. If you don’t, this is going to be so messed up! You’re video is so creative and hilarious!

  • Carleigh

    Garrett’s video is wayyyyyyyyy more creative than that other girls’ who cares if he’s a guy or not. I have this on repeat! It’s so cute to see this boy do the motions and sing and stuff. I love this video! The other one, not so much.

  • Carleigh

    Even though you just sang, you put meaning behind it and you were creative with it! You had a little fun and that’s what you were supposed to do! Garrett’s video gets my vote.

  • Jackie

    My vote goes for this boy! Creativity points and it’s funny!

  • Selena

    Garrett needs to win this. RedCowHills you better pick this boy!

  • Mike

    Garrett! Son, I bet you’re Scotty’s biggest guy fan! You deserve to win this!

  • Jason

    This contest is about creativity! And it’s something the other girl just doesn’t have! You deserve this! Go Garrett!

  • Lily

    This one is so creative ! It’s cute and I love it! REDCOWHILLS BETTER PICK THIS!!!

  • Lily

    Please pick Garrett! His video is most creative!!! He’s Scotty’s Number 1 Guy Fan !

  • Julia

    I like it, I love it! I want some more of Garrett’s video! Win this Garrett! Win it!

  • Rebecca

    You got my vote! This video is so much better than the other one! Everybody loves this!! I know I do! It’s creative! Hope you win!

  • David

    Garrett should definitely win. Good luck!

  • Courtney

    This video is creative, cute, funny. It has everything that I would look for in a video in this!!! I love it! I hope you win!

  • Samantha

    I really like yours the best! The other girl doesn’t have it! Yours should win!

  • Blake

    I know how much it’ll mean to you to win this brother! You got this!

  • Brittany

    Your video is so cute! I love the part where you show the pictures on your phone! Lol! You deserve to win!

  • Elf

    Garrett gets my vote!

  • Johnny

    I like this one alot! That’s dedication right there boy. Redcowhills, he’s clearly got this and he’s gonna win.

  • Frankie

    Garrett needs to win! Pick him!

  • Gina

    Redcowhills, you absolutely need to pick Garrett!

  • Pam

    He’s got it all. Scotty’s looks, attire, and everything. Garrett SHOULD win.

  • Becca

    Garrett made his video creative and the other video didn’t have that quality for me. He gets my vote.

  • Charlie

    My vote goes to this guy. He deserves it.

  • Christine

    Pick this boy! I love it!

  • Holly

    Go Garrett! Voting for you!

  • Ashleigh

    He needs to win! Pick Garrett!!

  • Savannah Perry

    This boy really deserves to win ☺☺☺☺

  • Deanna

    Awesome job! Good luck Garrett! You have my vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren

    This is the winner! Please keep voting for Garrett!

  • Melissa

    There’s no one that deserves this more than Garrett! He is truly the best!!

  • Hillary

    You’ve got your winner right here! Go Garrett!

  • Kimmy

    Redcowhills, you really need to pick this guy!

  • Rachelle

    This is so cute and perfect! Get Garrett to meet Scotty!

  • Chrissy

    I like this! I hope he wins tonight!

  • Brooklyn

    This guy deserves to win! (: Win tonight!

  • Joseph

    Pick him! He’s the winner! I know it!

  • Ray

    Come on and pick this guy!

  • Morgan

    Love it! He definitely should win!

  • Meranda

    Pick Garrett!!

  • Katie

    Soo creative and funny! Redcowhills pick Garrett!! Pick him! He needs to win this! It means so much to him!

  • Dean

    RedCowHills, you should pick this guy! He’s your winner!

  • Lou

    Garrett is Scotty’s twin basically, LOL. He should win!

  • Zach

    Go man! One hour left! You got this! And if you don’t get picked, they’re crazy!

  • Beau Foster Smith

    Hell ya Garrett. You got a great deep country voice that women love. Hope ya make buddy.