Scotty McCreery Gets Personal on Second Album | RedCowHills

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  • Judy Hicks

    Just my opionion, but this young man is the best out there today. Country music history being made for sure. This cd is just amazing. It’s like this cd was ordained to be unbeatable. I give this cd a 5 star rating. ***** The growth in Scotty’s voice on the album is so over the top, that I find it very hard to believe this is the same young man. I’ve noticed a real sweetnest has developed in some of the songs . Songs that or meaningful about life and the love songs are sung so beautifully that they made me cloud up, especially Carolina Moon. The party songs make me wish I was 20yrs old again, and Scotty really puts these songs on the top shelf. On the Dash, even though it is a sad song somewhat, it’s a song sung so real and wonderful that it really makes one want to sit down, and re=check ones self.
    The closer is Something More, and it is a song sung by Scotty with great feelings and emotions that really brings it all home to you. Personally, I often think about more meaningful things out there in life that mean so much more to me than other things, and how I so wish that everyone else feels that way also. This is Scotty’s song, he wrote, and he sings it on this album. Scotty sings this song from his heart, and you can most certainly tell it. To Scotty I’d like to say, I’m so proud of you. It is so obivious that God has given you a destiny, and young man, I personally intend to watch every moment of it happen for you.

    Ramblings and Review by: Judy Hicks