Scotty McCreery Hosts CMA Keep the Music Playing | RedCowHills


  • Dixie Colvell

    Scotty is so Amazing and I just Adore him! He is someone who i will always look up to even tho I am older and he is much younger. He has such a Beautiful Family and I love what they all stand for. Thank you so much all you McCreery’s for giving me some of the greatest music in the last few years that I have ever heard!! Very True! Love ya!! Dixie from Utah

  • Darlene Adams

    It just thrills my heart over and over to see Scotty doing so fantastic. He has meant the world to me and made my life so much richer. His voice is truly one of a kind. He is an outstanding person with so many great values. I’m 64 and have never heard an artist that has impressed me like Scotty. What a role model for these kids to look up to, along with all of his fans that really appreciate him. I absolute love this guy!! No one will ever compare to Scotty as far as I’m concerned.