Scotty McCreery- Letters From Home (John Michael Montgomery Cover) LIV | RedCowHills

  • tabbie12

    Love this guy

  • Chrissie H

    Beautiful. Scotty┬┤s just sooo dang good


    Scotty gets me all emotional singing that song. Dagum he’s good.

  • Missy173001

    Melted honey has nothing on Scotty McCreerys voice. When he tells stories with a song he always takes the listener along for the ride. The Lord blessed this young man with a story telling voice.

  • shibuya777

    Oh my!! What a voice….this boy is going far in country music!!! Love Scotty’s cover of LETTERS FROM HOME! thanks for sharing this video.

  • Al

    Thanks for sharing! Scotty does an amazing job on this song!Love it

  • eleanor_V1

    love this performance Scotty is amazing So amazing thanks for posting

  • Roseann Schrichte

    AWESOME! LOVE Scottys’ voice!!!!!

  • Dixie Halbert Colvell

    It makes me so Happy to hear Scotty sing! I just love his voice so much!!

  • Diana Manton

    Such a Great Story Teller this is very rare I just love everything he sings

  • Kay Parrish

    Scotty sings this song beautifully