Scotty McCreery – “Rock This Night” | RedCowHills

Live Performance of his new song “Rock This Night”

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  • eleanor_V1

    Love this song & of course Scotty ,Thanks for sharing RedCowHills your site i love also Great videos

  • tabbie12

    this is my second favorite of his three new songs LOVe it and love the performance at the show

  • Linda Wallace

    Thank you RedCowHills for covering Scotty McCreery and sharing your videos

  • Diana Manton

    Thanks so much for all video’s on Scotty

  • shibuya777

    Thanks for sharing all these videos from Scotty!! This is my favorite of his 3 new songs!

  • dd999

    This is my favorite of Scotty’s three new songs. He really sings it well and it definitely rocks! So different than anything on the radio, or anything he’s done! Just my opinion, as I know many like his ballad he helped write and I’m likely in the minority here!

  • Diana Manton

    Love this song and Scotty so Good

  • Cathy Mcguire Kosak

    this is my absolute favorite of his new songs,still singing low….think it’s a chart topper…… :)

    • Jane Cash

      me too!!!!

  • lightoftruth

    THIS is so great! Love your music Scotty and everything you represent! COUNTRY!!

  • Earlene Peshnak

    love Scotty the best guy to ever hit country music,love him,proud of him,always be his fan