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Sexual Cannibalism In The Insect World

Posted on 08. Jan, 2013 by

Better them than us. But just in case, we’re keeping an eye open.

———– You’re about to enter the dangerous world of sexual cannibalism. And who’s the poster animal for post-coital mate eating? The praying mantis, of course!


Presented by – Dr. Carin Bondar “Biologist with a twist”
Directed by – Richard Slater-Jones
Produced by – Benjamin G Hewett
Written by – Carin Bondar, Benjamin G Hewett, Richard Slater-Jones
Editor – Keith Fraser
Cinematographer – Boris von Schoenebeck
Additional Cameraman – Grant Brokensha, Daniel Philogene
Audio Final Mix – Andrew Dickinson
Technical – Chris Harries
Sound Recordist – Sakhile Radebe
Graphics – Adriaan Landman, Trevor Paul
Art Director – Brenda Spaan
Researcher – Lindsay Patterson
Production Manager – Lara Cox, Taryn Mavrodaris, Leah Buckwalter, Noeleen Padayachee
Stock Footage – NHNZ (Natural History New Zealand) | Alberto Ferrigno (Biallogy videos | Power of Earth Productions ( | Absolutely Wild Visuals | Dylan Clyne – Post University (
Music – Audio Network
Club – The Bellagio Durban
Bouncer – “Puff” Londa Mngoma
Make-up artists – Kendyl McPherson
Animal Handlers – Nadine & Simon Keys
Animal Co-ordinator – Beth Neale
Still Images – Charles Gilhousen, Eugène Delacroix, Seitlich Nackt,