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Shania Twain announced today (May 7) that she’ll partner with cat conservation organization Panthera as Global Ambassador for Panthera’s newly launched leopard conservation initiative Project Pardus.


“The image and spirit of the leopard is an inspiration to millions around the world, including myself,” Twain said in a press release. “That it is also the most oppressed of the big cats is almost unknown. If we’re to save this animal in the wild, we have to get ahead of the curve before it suffers the same fate as so many other species that we once felt to be secure in their numbers. I feel privileged to give back to a creature that depends for its future on what we do now to save it…and I urge the wider world to join Panthera and me in this mission.”


Currently, leopards are threatened by the destruction of their habitat and are being killed by livestock herders, trophy-hunting and poaching their skins and body parts. Project Pardus will launch new conservation initiatives that will target endangered leopards.


“The leopard is an amazingly versatile cat, able to live in habitats ranging from tropical rainforests to the Kalahari Desert,” said Dr. Luke Hunter, Panthera’s President and one of the world’s authorities on leopards. “However, that adaptability has meant the species has been largely ignored by conservationists. We are delighted and honored that Shania will help put the leopard onto the conservation radar. With her help, the leopard will receive the urgent attention it needs.”


Twain’s passion for animals and leopards in particular run deep as her she wears leopard-print outfits and sets the stage with images of leopards on her current show Shania: Still the One at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


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