country music videos

country music videos

RedCowHills is everything and more for country, especially Country Music From Jason Aldean 1994, Luke Bryan I Dont Want This Night To End, to Scotty McCreery – Gotta See You Tonight . We have the latest updates on what your favorite Country star is doing including; concerts, CD releases, DVD releases, interviews, and so much more! For all of your Country Music entertainment leave it to us!

Country Music is the genre of American popular music that began in the rural regions of the Southern United States back in the 1920s and continues to grow in popularity everyday. It all began with immigrants that came to the Maritime Provinces and Southern Appalachian Mountains of North America who brought the music and instrument of the Old World with them. With the interactions of the different ethnic groups that immigrated, they produced music unique to this region for the first time. According to Bill Malone in Country Music U.S.A, country music was “introduced to the world as a southern phenomenon. It is commonly thought that British and Irish folk music heavily influenced the development of old time music in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, where the earliest European settlers hailed principally from Northern England, the Scottish Lowlands and the Irish province of Ulster. Country Music has taken its roots from southeastern American folk music, Western cowboy, mixed with Blues throughout its history.

The Country Music term has gained popularity since the 1940s instead of the early term of Hillbilly Music. Today Country Music describes many different styles and sub genres and since 2009 has been the most listened to “rush hour” music during the evening commutes, and the second most popular listened to music for morning commuting in the United States. Besides Country Music artists there has been many rock and pop stars that have successfully ventured into this genre, also known as “crossover” artists. Outside of the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, and other countries have produced some of the top performing Country Music artists in our industry today! So when you want to know what your favorite artist is up to, where they will be performing, when there next CD or video will be released, RedCowHills is the only place you want to be!

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