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Guns and firearms were invented back in Ancient China around 700 A.D. where inventors developed different grades of gunpowder and different types of firearms. A few centuries later, in Europe, “firearm” was used in Old English to denote the arm in which the was held that was used to light the touch hole on the hand cannon. Due to the after effects of firing, the gunner had to be somewhat behind the weapon while braced the firearm with the other hand. Ever since then the term “fire arm” became synonymous with the weapons themselves. Now a days the term “gun” is often used as a synonym for firearm. Hand-held firearms; including rifles, carbines, pistols and other small firearms, are uncommonly called “guns” among specialists. Generally, an automatic firearm designed for a single user is referred to as an automatic rifle. Since the birth of guns and firearms they have become widely used for numerous reasons that include hunting, military, and personal protection just to name a few.

When you are searching for the best gun or firearm that suits your needs you will find the help you need here at RedCowHills. With our demonstration videos to articles to blogs, we are confident that you will not only find the gun that is right for you, but also guns and firearms enthusiasts that share your same passions. Regardless, of the type of gun or the reason you are interested in we will keep you informed of the most current and popular weapons, ammo, ranges, clubs, hunting, and much more. Here at RedCowHills we are dedicated to bring people together and share their experiences and passions and with guns and firearms. Please remember that gun safety is always a number one priority.

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