Sam Hunt

Keith Urban performed his new single ‘Cop Car’ at the 2014 Grammys on Sunday night and released the music video on Monday. But one of the songwriters isn’t celebrating.

Sam Hunt, an artist who also helped write ‘Come Over’ by Kenny Chesney and ‘We Are Tonight’ by Billy Currington, says everything he poured into the song was stolen from him.

An additional tweet failed to shed light on who he thinks stole the song from him, and representatives for the ‘Raised on It’ singer didn’t respond to a request for more information.

Hunt is listed as a co-writer on the track, and confirmed to Taste of Country that he wrote it with Matt Jenkins and Zach Crowell. The story told is actually his story.

“I sort of tweaked a few parts,” Hunt told us in early January, “but the basis is the same. I won’t go into it too much, short of ‘inspired by’ some events that happened to me a few years ago in Alabama.”

Hunt was recently named the No. 1 Country Artist to Watch by ToC.

A version of ‘Cop Car’ found on Hunt’s ‘Between the Pines’ acoustic album is similar to the one Urban ended up cutting, as is the demo the superstar heard, says Hunt. Both use loops and electronic drums, but Hunt gave no indication that he was upset with Urban during a conversation with ToC. In fact, he conceded it’s common for someone to record a version of the song that’s similar to the demo, as that’s what they first fell for.

Without more information, it’d be unfair to assume Hunt is speaking ill of Urban, as there are many others involved in a song’s recording and ascent up the Billboard charts. Songwriter Dave Barnes once told ToC that writers split 12 cents per single sold, so if ‘Cop Car’ goes Gold and Hunt signed a standard agreement, he stands to make $20,000. Like most single agreements, the details of his contract are not public.


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