Tattoo Artist Vincent “Vinnie” Myers Tattoos 3D Nipples on Breast Cancer Survivors | RedCowHills

Superstar tattoo artist Vincent “Vinnie” Myers has created three dimensional nipples and areolas for around 3000 breast cancer survivors over the past decade. He uses “precisely mixed pigments” to create his lifelike masterpieces, which he says are “far more rewarding than anything else I have ever done.” He told the AFP: “When it’s completed and they see the final results, most women feel very emotional because they realize: ‘The thing is over, I’m whole again.'”

Check out Myers’ website for (NSFW, obviously) examples of his reconstructive tattooing — he’s truly amazing at what he does. It’s no wonder that, according to his website, nearby Johns Hopkins Hospital recently asked him to work for its Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department.