Teenage Girl Nearly Loses Her Sight After Parasite Grows on Her Contact Lens | RedCowHills
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Ashley Hyde had to endure a procedure where an optician had to drill into her eye. Scrapings from her eyeball were also taken as medical staff tried to find out why her left eye was left inflamed.

Doctors discovered Hyde, 18, had an acanthamoeba infection, Local10.com reported.

Acanthamoeba is a microscopic parasite found in water and soil that can spread through contact lens use, cuts, or skin wounds or by being inhaled into the lungs.

The parasite left the teen from Pembroke Pines, Florida, with blurred vision and repeated visits to the optician.

‘They did multiple cultures where they scrape your eye,’ she said. ‘One time, they had to drill into my eye. It was really nasty.’

Hydes has been told she must undergo months of treatment.

Dr. Adam Clarin, an optometric physician, said contact users should try to change their lenses daily.

‘There is nothing safer or healthier than throwing out the lens every day and starting with a new one the next day,’ said Clarin.

‘Every day, we see people come in with contact lens related to infections, complications, ulcers,’ he said.

‘These are all things that are potentially blinding.’

Hyde said she wished she had changed her lenses regularly. ‘It hurts,’ she said. ‘I wouldn’t risk it.’