Customers Find BAGS OF MONEY Instead Of Food In Their Taco Bell Drive Thru Bags | RedCowHills

Instead of Tacos At Drive Thru You Get $3600 In Bag TACO BELL’s BIG Drive Thru Mistake. KENTWOOD, MICH. — Instead of tacos and burritos, customers at a Taco Bell drive-thru in Kentwood got a bag full of money. The 3 hungry customers didn’t realize the store had accidentally given them $3,600 dollars until they had driven miles away. But together Kennidi Rue, Luke Postma and Grant Kruse had to decide what to do. Give it back, or keep it. The group returned the money, and says the best thing about taking it back, is finally receiving their food. They say that’s all they wanted in the first place.

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