Tennesse Turkey Hunt with Frank Foster | RedCowHills

Killed my first turkey in Tennesse with my good friend Frank Foster. Frank brought
me up to the Frank Foster Farm in the Hills of Tennesse outside of Nashville and we hunted hard for 3 days. it was cold then hot then raining with the wind blowing 20 mph to perfect conditions on that last day. We came so close every day but just couldnt make it happen until that last hunt on the 3rd day and frank called that gobbler up in our laps and I got my first one. Here is some footage of the hunt. I even called my first turkey up . That hen was in my face never even knew I was there thanks to Oilfield Camo & Bayou Bucks gear!!!! One of those special hunts that ended the way the good lord above intended. It will never be forgotten my brother thank you for the memories and the good times out in the hills of Tennessee.