Terrible: 11 Texas Men Accused Of Drugging and Gang-Raping 16 Year Old Girl! | RedCowHills

MADISONVILLE, Texas—Madisonville police say a teenage girl was mentally, physically and sexually abused inside a residence on Hope Circle.
Investigators said the 16-year-old girl was held prisoner for hours in March. On Friday, they arrested six of her 11 alleged captors in an early morning sting.
Investigator said the group included at least ten men and a woman.
Police said the individuals gave the girl crystal meth and then took turns raping her. Afterwards they allegedly threatened to kill her.
Investigators said the individuals who are accused are no strangers to crime.
“A lot of these guys have some sort of ties into gang-related activity; and have a history into drug dealing and drug use and, unfortunately, this drug use and dealing has led to even more crimes,” said Lt. Jonathan Zitzman, with the Madisonville Police Department.
During their arrest, some of the suspects were taken away barefoot in little more than their underwear.
The charges against them range from sexual assault of a child to trafficking. Each could get up to 99 years in prison if convicted.
Investigators said it took three months to close in on the case.

Five suspects remain on the loose, and there is concern they could be flight risks.