Terrible: 3-Yr Old Slowly Recovering After Dad Nearly Beat Her to Death | RedCowHills

DAYTON — Two and a half years ago we told you about then six month old Callie Koval, while Mom was at work, Dad Shawn Koval got drunk and put his own daughter in a coma.She ended up with two school fractures and Hemorrhaging behind her eyes she was on life-support, said mother Erica Cameron. The nurse did not think she was going to make it; she did she prove the doctors wrong because they said she was not going to make it and that she would be a vegetable. They thought she would be blind but she’s not; they didn’t think she’d be able to hear but she can.Callie now comes to United Rehabilitation Services three times a week for physical, occupational and speech therapy.Early intervention for Children who have been injured like this or who have a disability are extremely important especially for that . Where the children are young from 0 to 3 when all of the new pathway are being formed in the brain, it is really important to have those therapies available to support them, said United rehabilitation Services executive director Dennis Grant. The staff at URS and Callie’s mom will be the first to tell you that she has improved drastically In the two and a half years that she’s been coming here, but the therapies that she receives she may need for most of her life. On Callie’s third birthday, her therapist is teaching her to follow directions and touch the right color on her toy, a simple task that has taken a long time to master,It was almost a year since her injury and all she did all day long was scream and cry she was so miserable, said Cameron. Now she has a personality; she plays.While Callie can’t walk, talk or eat on her own, her mom is optimistic especially now that her seizures have slowed down.The seizures and everything that she has fought through, in my opinion she is the strongest person I know, said Cameron. I know adults who couldn’t even go through this. It breaks my heart but she makes me so proud.She says at first she was surprised Shawn would hurt his own daughter but after looking at the whole relationship, including his previous domestic violence arrest, the situation was not that shocking.He never abused her or said any bad words to her while I was around but there were some warning signs so be aware of who you have your kids with and make sure you trust them completely before you leave your kids with them because there are way too many child-abuse cases going on, she said.Shawn received four years in prison for the abuse and is expected to be released next year.Baby Callie is currently in the running to win an adaptive tricycle. Click here if you would like to nominate Callie or donate to the cause.Connect with ABC 22/FOX 45 Reporter Wale Aliyu on Facebook and Twitter.