Texas Babysitter Arrested For Brutally Beating Infant Nearly To Death!! | RedCowHills
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A Haltom City woman was arrested for beating an infant so badly, police believe the child may die.

Police say the baby was dropped off at Araceli Guzman’s apartment April 22.

Paramedics were called that afternoon and they took the 7-month-old Juliana Payan to the hospital because she was having difficulty breathing.

The search warrant affidavit says a nurse told police the infant had bruising on her forehead and bleeding in her brain.

When Haltom City police were searching the unlicensed apartment daycare, they got a call that the baby’s father, Javier Payan, was on his way there.

Police say Payan, 29, threatened to kill Guzman for hurting his daughter.

“He initially said he had a gun,” Sgt. Daniel Pearson, Haltom City Police Department, said. “Then it went from he had a gun to he had a bomb.”

Payan barricaded himself in his SUV, warning police and residents he planned to blow up the complex.

He was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats. He has since bonded out of jail.

Guzman was charged with injury to a child with serious bodily injury.

The baby remains in Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth