Top Plastic Surgeon Removes Patient’s Entire Nose During Surgery | RedCowHills
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A man who woke up from rhinoplasty without his nose is suing the Oklahoma doctor responsible.

In paperwork filed against Oklahoma-based plastic surgeon Dr. Angelo Cuzalina and his practice, former patient Vishal Thakkar alleges that gross negligence and incompetence by the defendants resulted in his horrific disfigurement.

Thakkar says he first visited Dr. Cuzalina, a top cosmetic surgeon who currently serves as president of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, back in 2006 following his divorce.

“I decided to do something selfish,” Thakkar told Fox 23.

Immediately following the first surgery, Thakkar noticed something was wrong.

“I had the first surgery and suffered some breathing problems, nothing too bad, but it made it hard to exercise and sleep,” he said.

Dr. Cuzalina put Thakkar under the knife several more times in an effort to correct his initial mistake.

By the time Thakkar moved to New York in 2007, he had undergone eight corrective surgeries.

When he returned to Dr. Cuzalina in 2011, his nose was already infected, but Cruzalina kept recommending additional surgeries.

Then, last summer, while Thakkar was under for the 22nd time, Cuzalina simply gave up and took the entire nose off.

An expert opinion quoted in Thakkar’s suit alleges that Cruzalina made several basic errors along the way, ultimately resulting in a faulty surgical plan “that had no possibility of success.”

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