Waitrose worker Abby Inez leads double life as country singer | RedCowHills

An up-and-coming country singer who has supported Katy Perry and Dolly Parton by night spends her days serving customers at – WAITROSE. Pretty Abby Inez started singing at school concerts and has been writing her own music since she learnt to play the guitar aged just 15. She performed for thousands of screaming fans on the Forum Live stage at the LG Arena in Birmingham before Katy Perry’s sell-out concert on May 14. And a month later she returned to play on the same stage before her idol Dolly Parton’s gig in the city. Singer-songwriter Abby started off playing in pubs and restaurants but now travels around the country appearing at different festivals. But when she is not writing songs, the teenager supports her up-and-coming music career by working part-time on the deli counter in her local

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