Like dimly-lit alleyways and late-night subway platforms, Walmart parking lots can be unsafe spots. During the Black Friday shopping rush last year, two people were shot outside a Florida Walmart. Last month, there wereshootings outside two other Walmarts in the same state. And another gun came out in the parking lot of a Florida Walmart on Friday, after an employee refused to accept a woman’s “dollar-off” coupon.

Mary Frances Alday, 61, tried to redeem an Internet coupon at the Walmart in Crawfordville, according to a Wakulla County Sheriff’s Office filing, and reported by The Smoking Gun. The accounts say that when assistant manager Tracy Stockslager explained that Walmart didn’t accept that kind of coupon, it sent Alday into a fury.

Stockslager told police that Alday “called her a bitch and other foul names and intentionally hit her with a shopping cart.” Stockslager claims that she then escorted Alday to the door while calling 911. Alday reportedly cautioned Stockslager not to follow her outside, to which Stockslager replied that she was going to note the license plate number on Alday’s car.