Taylor Swift cover by Arabella Jones “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” | RedCowHills

mp3 version available on GooglePlay! http://bit.ly/TaWBMT

I LOVE Taylor’s new song! It’s so catchy. I hope yall like this version, it turned out even more country than Taylor’s version that is playing on country radio. :)

A HUGE thank you to all of the Kickstarter contributors that helped make this video possible. Special shout to the following Premiere backers:
Dag Sorum, Terry Moore, Charlie Spivey, Ken Holly, Jerry Richards, and Lauren Sucharczuk!

Also I want to thank Madd Talent Management and Production for producing this project (music@maddtalentmgmt.com)! Here is the amazing team they put together for this video:

Jeff Sturms, Music producer, Guitar/Keyboard/Banjo and Mandolin
Zack Sturms, Bass
Eric Dinenna, Drums
Dave Albro (Capricorn Studios), Audio Engineer
Josh Harrell, DP Video Production

Big thanks also to Josh, Denver, Kristin, and Lizzie for being in my video!


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