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Whiskey Slide – FULL MOVIE –

Posted on 20. Sep, 2012 by

Set in the foothills of Northern California Gold Country, Whiskey Slide is the story about the desperate measures people take when faced with economic hard times.

Almaden Films Presents Whiskey Slide
Geordie Prodis Kate Melia D. Michael Kane Don DeMico James Maher and Anthony Santucci with Steve Voldseth Connie Sechrist Brian Sharp Antonia Venezia and Sean O’Kane
Music by John DeBorde and Sean Carlson Cinematography by Phil Grasso UPM Robert duPreez
Period Advisor Anita Venezia Set Photographers Mike Gendimenico and David Camarlinghi Picture Car Supervisor Don Skow Set Design Kerstin Schipper Brian Sharp and Adriana Sharp
Produced by Geordie Prodis Shawn Flanagan Kate Melia Maggie Wilhelm Don DeMico D. Michael Kane and Anthony Santucci Written by Shawn Flanagan & Kate Melia Directed by Shawn Flanagan