Whoa! Former NY Giant Shot By Police While Holding Knife To His Girlfriend’s Throat! | RedCowHills
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Wow, this is crazy! Florida cops shot former New York Giants running back Jermaine Green while he was holding a knife to his girlfriend’s throat — and it was all caught on tape.  Thank goodness everyone involved survived.

Uniform-mounted cameras show Green holding a knife to girlfriend Katrina Johnson’s chest before the barrage in Daytona Beach. Green was shot about six times.

“He’s about to kill her,” one woman at the scene says of the suspect, Jermaine Green, 32, who signed with the Giants in 2004 as a running back but never took the field.

The moment the door gives, Green is seen standing in the hallway, holding a knife to Katrina Johnson’s throat. As cops’ gun-mounted flashlights light up the suspect, he pulls his hostage into the bedroom.

“Let her go dude; let her go,” one of the cops yells. “Let her go man. I’m telling you right now. Don’t do it!”

Green has fallen onto his back and is holding Johnson, 37, on top of him with a knife against her chest.

“He’s doing it!” one of the cops yells before they open fire, shooting Green around six times in his right side.

Another bullet struck Johnson in the arm.

 Green is being held without bail on charges including kidnapping and aggravated assault, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal.