Wife Bites Husband’s Privates After Being Forced to Leave Rodeo Early | RedCowHills

Don’t you just hate it when that happens?

Anthony Hill and his wife Christina Salinas were enjoying a relaxing Sunday night at the Penn Valley Rodeo in Northern California when Hill decided to end the outing early and head home.

Salinas, wanting to stay and dance, wasn’t quite ready to leave yet, and an argument ensued that lasted the entire ride back to Rough and Ready.

Once in their house, the couple continued their alcohol-infused fight, and Salinas eventually pulled two kitchen knives on Hill.

That’s when Hill grabbed her four children and ran to the car, pursued by Salinas and Salinas’ ex-husband, who for reasons unknown is currently living in the same residence.

Hill says Salinas attacked him and, while he and the ex-husband were attempting to hold her down, took a bite out of his genitals.

It is unclear if or why Hill’s private parts were exposed at the time. The extent of the injury was also unclear, though Hill said he was still recovering.

Though he subsequently phoned 911 on Salinas, Hill says he now regrets it.

“I’ve assaulted her before in arguments,” said Hill, who noted that their recent spat was preceded by “a series of stressful events.”

According to Hill, the couple usually “work it out,” but this time he “went beyond that.”

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