You Cant Believe – Joe Exotic Country Music Artist “Tribute to Terry Thompson” | RedCowHills

  • Michael S. Sandlin

    I Believe It. Great Music Video!

  • Joe Schreibvogel

    Thank you so much Michael, from you that means the world to me

  • Leigh Ashcraft

    We all know the truth and until the day I die this will always be my favorite song because it represents EVERYONE in the exotic community we know we are constantly being set up and framed by the animal rights activist. This song is about the truth and Joe did a magnificent performance in his song and video. Great job and we need the truth out there so everyone is aware of this !!

  • Sherri Grant

    Love the song, love the video, I truly believe this was all a set up, thank you Joe for bringing it to the light

  • Bizzybirdy

    This is a melodic and telling song about the massacre of Terry Thomson and his animals in Zanesville. I listen to it almost every day so as not to forget the wrong that was done and covered up there. Joe is a talented writer and vocalist and this song needs to be heard round the world.

  • Lorena Rickman

    Thank you Joe for standing up for the man and animals,who now, will never stand again! Powerful song,and a great tribute to Terry!

  • Cynthia L Rose

    Awesome and Powerful Music and Video. Love it, Joe!!! I believe. You are so Amazing, Love you!!!